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Silent Voice

...the story of man's search for the answers to life...

Photographer: Andrew Loren Resto

Studio 55 New York, NY: Screening 2008
Cast: Stephen Seidel*, Catherine Kjome, John Philip*, Barbara Mundy* *Courtesy Screen Actors Guild
Cinematographer/Production Designer: Andrew Loren Resto
Editor: David A Johnson
Director: George R Carr

New York is not easy anymore for young artists Dite and Pollo. Feeling unloved, Dite has acted out and cheated on her beloved Pollo He is confused, hurt, and angry. Feeliing lost, Pollo finds refuge in what was their home but is now a battle ring ablaze with questions. Pollo unsuccessfully searches for answers in himself, his father, and Dite herself. The only thing that offers peace is a mystical mirror as it chants, "Go to the magical ocean." And so the trio journey to this beach to find answers to life and love hiding just beyond the waves of their souls in a silent voice...