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...the story of a boy's search for a friend...

Silhouette: Courtesy The Zack Carr Foundation

Manhattan Theatre Source, New York, NY: World Premier 2008
Cast: Jason Griffith*, Julie Cavaliere, John Philip*, Rachel Cornish, Mark M. Thomas, Barbara Mundy*, Catherine Kjome*, James Edward Becton* *Courtesy Actors Equity Association
Stage Design/Manager: Andrew Loren Resto
Publicity/Advertising: Lanie Zipoy, Avec Productions
Director: George R Carr

Do you still believe? Robert is 8 years old soon to be 9. He is in the third grade headed to the fourth. He is home all alone. His brothers are out with friends. He lives with his aunt and uncle. His mom died. His dad left. You are invited over for a mystical journey of knights and kings and swords and shields but you must first eat the magical peanut butter and crackers and drink the milk in order to believe.