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CARR Foundation

Logo Designer: Sam Shahid

Zack Carr helped define American Fashion for over 30 years. In 1997, Carr was diagnosed with POEMS Syndrome - a rare cancer that would paralyse his body. As the illness and slow paralysis progressed, Carr took this devastating event as a way to yet re-invent himself again. From a small town boy in 1950's Central Texas to a bohemian college student of the 1960's to a young urban design student of the 1970's to creative director of Calvin Klein and principal designer of Zack Carr Collection in the '80's to a bed-ridden artist in the '90's, Carr continued to design and sketch until his death in 2000. He devoted his life to art and design, cultural and charitable institutions, and the inspiration of all who encountered him. The Zack Carr Foundation is dedicated to the support of the arts, to the assistance of cancer charities, and to the inspiration of the human spirit forever...

ZCF Salutes:
St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue
Church of The Ascension NYC
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Parsons School of Design [Home of The Zack Carr Archive]
The University of Texas at Austin [Home of The Zack Carr Archive]
The Museum of Modern Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York Botanical Garden

I stood with him on the Gulf shores and became alive…
I stood with him on the Hills of Central Texas and saw the future…
I stood with him in the center of the world in New York City and became a man…
I stood with him on the banks of the Seine and the Bosphorous and learned the secrets of life…
I stood with him at his deathbed and learned the secrets of eternity...

Stand: George R Carr

Drawings: Zack Carr III
Printing: Sololab