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CARR folio (4.23 MB)
Image Design: Label Kings

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a story is worth thousands of listeners. And a collection of related stories creates a mythology. The ancient Greeks were enraptured by the conquests of Zeus and Apollo. The Holy Roman Empire focused on religious frescoes, sculptures, and ceilings depicting Biblical narratives. Medieval Europe was ablaze with Arthurian knights fighting magical dragons for a fair maiden aided by a wise old man and a magical sword. The Royals of England were masters at myth making with kings, queens, and virginal brides wedded to gallant princes.Industrial America created capitalistic heroes with the Astors, Vanderbilts, and Carnegies. Mid 20th Century New York gave us the sexy, dysfunctional but always intriguing martini laden myths of Madison Avenue. So what are the 21st Century’s myths? Who are our current heroes? Mythologist Joseph Campbell philosophized that society was missing the power of myth and ritual leaving us feeling disassociated and empty. So how do we get “filled up?” Where are our stories? Where are our myths? Where are our rituals? Just stop and look around. You are surrounded by stories: Apple and the I-phone, I-pad, I-Mac, subway posters, taxi screens, bus shelter poster, and monitors are everywhere you turn lulling you into their stories. And the best story tellers in the world are no longer just in Disneyland or Hollywood or The Great White way. They are on Main Street and at the Mall. Today’s myths spinners are Brands — Saks 5th Avenue, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Tods, J Crew, Levis, and Nike. Each one is like a sorceress with a distinctive song singing to you and seducing you into their unique world full of promises and dreams of heroic immortality. And new brands are developing by the minute on the “'Net." Face Book and Twitter are the new Zeus and Apollo. And joining the ranks of these global titans is CARR: a new story, a new mythology, a new fashion lifestyle brand - a lifetime in the making but finally here...


Brand Foumder, Director:: George R Carr

Fashion Designs: Zack Carr

Design Director: Scott Formby

Accessory Designer: Kathy Formby
Productio: MC2 Consulting: Meddy Csaszar, Nikki Csaszar
Labels: Label Kings
Models: Stella Vellon, John W Beck
Legal: John Philip, Esq