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The Fundamental One

...the story of a girl and a boy and dreaming...

Drawings: Zack Carr III 2008: Studio 55, New York, NY Original Cast: Rachel Cornish, Mark M Thomas Narrator: Lanie Zipoy Design Director: Keith Carroll Director: George R Carr

June 17, 2008
Dear Kevin,
Thank you so much for asking me to contribute to your issue of .Cent Magazine and writing a piece on A. R. Gurney’s play “Love Letters.” Since I had never seen this play, I have gone to my trusted Wikipedia web site and started doing research. My first thought was that I did not feel qualified as a writer to write about a such renowned play by such a successful play write. But as I read about the play, something hit me as a person. Like his characters “Andrew” and “Melissa,” I have had love relationships in the emotional and spiritual senses without every coming together physically. I also started connecting to Gurney’s using the love letter as an epistolary form of communication. I have communicated with other forms of documents such as diary entries, blogs, emails, poems, songs, videos, plays, movies. But I have never written a personal love letter in my life. Hmmm...I knew something was up then. I knew I had to write my own love letters like “Andrew” and “Melissa.” But like Gurney, I was going to do it as a writer with characters speaking my words to each other. In other words, I was going to hide. But in my hiding, I hope I have created something for not just one, but many others-you, the readers of .Cent. If you are brave, send your beloved a love letter straight out and direct by letter, email, or any form you so desire. Love letters can aslo include songs, poems, food, jewelry, fashion [Calvin Klein, of course], or just a simple smile. What counts is just sending your love-parental, filial, carnal, and even divine. So here are my love letters. They are from “Gwen” and “Phillip.” Of course, we know they are really for that someone else in my life. But don’t keep your Love a secret. After all Love and the expression of it are as fundamental to life as dreaming your dreams...
Love to you Kevin, .Cent Magazine, and, of course, all of you...
George R. Carr
Studio 55

Available Upon Request

1. Art & Design Book
Zack Carr
ZACK CARR: an intimate portrait of an American fashion designer... “Noteworthy”
--New York Times
2. Theatrical Drama
"Whole is an intensely moving play that pushes the boundaries of human intimacy right before your eyes."Expanded Arts Theatre Company
3. Theatrical Drama
Jamie...another side of Dean
"Jamie…another side of Dean is a series of dances...performed in a dance studio...a fantasy imagining of dialogue tied to real events and exact dates." Backstage
4. Poetry Play/Short Film
A Body Without A Head
"A Body Without a Head, inspired by an ancient story, is a collection of poems adapted for the stage. The performance is a beautiful piece of expressionism dedicated to anyone who has ever lost their head to love." New Theater Corps
6. Short Film
Silent Voice
When Dite cheats on her beloved Pollo and his world collapses, the answers to his questions about love and life are not in his thoughts, mind, or body. No, all he has to do is stop andlook into his mirror and see beyond the waves of his soul & listen to his silent voice...
5. Children's Story
believe: a story for children of any age who have lost anyone anytime anywhere and still remember and still believe...
7. Theatrical Drama
Avis Pero
Avis Pero shoots an arrow to the heart of a diseased family and when the father is sacrificed, all are healed. This timely play heals a family, a culture, and prepares a future evolution."Moving, shocking, and healing..."I. Livingston
8. Theatre of the Absurd
Consciously or unconsciously, Carr redefines the moral and sexual bases of our own time in a new language that goes out (beyond oneself) to go in. What we witness in the scenes of S&M&B are a kind of waking dream that should lead us inward towards our own journey.
9. Romantic Feature Film
Empty Kisses
EMPTY KISSES is the dramatic love story of Gwen Breyer, a self -destructive actress, and Chris Phillips, a wounded, isolating writer, as they transform their souls amidst the glitter and gold of Hollywood.

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